Well lads I've certainly made it now in the music like, there's nowhere left for me to go! It's a great honour to be on the cover of this iconic Irish weekly magazine, founded in 1902. It brings back a lot of childhood memories for me. Myself and my brothers kind of had two lives, our city lives and our country lives. We never had Ireland's Own in the city, but down on the farm in Bantry, on school holidays, there was always the Farmer's Journal and Ireland's Own. This month's edition is full of stories from Irish history, Miss Flanagan Investigates, Holy Wells, Cassidy Says, Lilt of Irish Laughter, The Miracle of Monto, The Irish Ape etc. etc. It's a safe, comforting place to be, in Ireland's Own. Happy days in the hit factory lads! Hurray! Thanks very much, John.

Published on 12th July 2016

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