Signature music for 'John Creedon's Epic East' July 2016.

Yes lads I'm delighted I got the gig to compose the signature music for the new 3 part tv series on Rte 1 Tv - John Creedon's Epic East.

Here's the lyric I wrote for it; - "Maeve of Cruachan riding east, where she rides the ravens feast. Fire on Uisneach, Tara, Slane; a golden feast in the Epic East."

Fair play to John Creedon like, as well as being a great radio DJ - "The last DJ who plays what he wants to play", he has a good ol' amiable way with everyone he meets, sound as a trout like, and rambles around grand in his Volkswagon van, the Sean Van Bhocht. Happy days in the Hit Factory like, it's an honour to compose the music for this show.

It's a learning curve, composing these pieces, as the music supports the pictures, and it's not all about the music like, but anyway I went then and made it into a full song as well after that, why not? Welcome to the Hit Factory like!


Maeve of Cruachan riding east,

Where she rides the ravens feast,

I see an army in the plain,

Fire on Uisneach, Tara, Slane,

Tonight we ride by cold starlight,

To a heroes feast in the Epic East.

Tales of epic wonder from the landscape of a dream,

The Ecstasy of Aonghus, the Wooing of Éadaoin,

The Queen of all the Island in her cloak of shining green,

The Sick-bed of Cúchulainn and the journey of Oisín,

Tonight we ride by cold starlight,

To a golden feast in the Epic East!

In dreams I ride by cold starlight down to the shining sea,

With Deirdre of the Sorrows and the Riders of the Shee,

Sweeney in the branches of his crazy hazel tree,

Tonight we ride by cold starlight to a golden feast in the Epic East.

Thanks to all the team at RTE Cork, to John Creedon, to Colm Crowley, Marie Toft, Cliona Nolan and everyone. Rock on lads, all the way from the Wild Atlantic Way to the Epic East! Hurray! Aililiú!

Published on 27th July 2016

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