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Released 18th April 2008

Album Type: Album

Categorised under Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock, Alternative Folk, Contemporary Folk, Celtic, Celtic Folk, Contemporary Celtic, Traditional Celtic

My Dark Rosaleen and the Island of Dreams
Released on April 25th 2008

Irish singer, songwriter and all round raconteur, John Spillane, returns with his fifth solo studio album, My Dark Rosaleen and the Island of Dreams.

The album follows up 2006’s ‘Gaelic Hit Factory’, John’s Irish language collaboration with poet and writer, Louis De Paor, and features 12 beautiful tracks, delivered as only John can.

John is a native of Cork, the county he lovingly describes as 'the centre of the universe', and it has been a huge influence on this singer/songwriter. Vocally, Spillane is quite unique with an almost sean nós like element and has been described as having a voice 'full of honesty, commitment and sensitivity'.

John says of the album… “An album of songs in honour of the Island of Ireland, Mother Ireland, and of my own Mother - Mary Teresa Spillane”.

“Dark Rosaleen - dark and mysterious woman of dreams, your eyes are tired from weeping, the lakes of your tears glimmer gently on the island of visions and dreams. Fairy-tale visions of childhood, the magic and the pain of growing up in this crazy, magical land, the search for love, love lost and love found, and the never-ending dream of freedom, inside and out”.

Track Listing:

1.  There Was A Man 02:42  
2.  Rise Up Lovely Molly 04:55  
3.  Ireland Free 04:01  
4.  Not My Love 02:26  
5.  Gortatagort (The Farm) 03:55  
6.  One Morning In May 03:34  
7.  Dark Rosaleen 03:32  
8.  When You And I Were True 03:20  
9.  Who Will Burn Brightly? 03:49  
10.  The Ghost Of Billy Mulville 03:46  
11.  Christmas Day 03:12  
12.  Beautiful Ballincollig 08:35  
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