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Released 1st January 2002

Album Type: Album

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Will We Be Brilliant Or What?
Album Released: 3rd MAY 2002

If you haven’t heard of John Spillane - you haven’t been listening to the radio! John’s current single ‘The Dance of the Cherry Trees’ is topping the airplay charts and is the highest new entry this week. The B Side of the single is John’s World Cup contribution entitled ‘The Bookill With The Boogaloo’, which is also creeping up the airplay charts, with demands on DJ’s the length and breadth of the country for repeat plays of this track.

Since the release of his single ‘Will We Be Brilliant Or What?’, featuring Juliet Turner on backing vocals, John’s schedule has gone into overdrive, packing out venues throughout the country and building a loyal and eager following.

John’s new album ‘Will We Be Brilliant Or What?’ is a collection of thirteen songs that tell the story of his life up to now.

“I know that if I have felt these things, other people must feel them too. We are all made of the same stuff. ‘Will We Be Brilliant of What?’ is the smile through the tears, we know that things can be awful, that life can be a dreadful affair. We may have been delivered some heavy blows and learnt that we are terribly vulnerable, frail creatures, but what can we do only gather our courage and press on, hoping for the best. This is not blind optimism, but true optimism, the hope of those who have been through the mill and have still decided to hope.

These are songs about light and about love. ‘All the Ways You Wander’, I wrote for my daughter Leslie. I started it when she was two and finished it when she was six, when she went away to live in Spain for a year with her mother.

‘Princes Street’ I wrote a few days after my 21st Birthday and I see it as a declaration of intent. It is the young poet nailing his colours to the mast of music poetry and the celebration of life.

‘The Dance of the Cherry Trees’ is again a celebration of the miracle of our frail existence on the back of this spinning world.

‘Magic Nights in the Lobby Bar’ I am very proud of writing, because a lot of people have approached me and told me they have travelled with me on that one, ‘away through the window, away through the rain’. Also it contains what I consider a Shakespearian device, the song within the song, with excerpts from some of the songs sung by the characters included.

There are some hidden gems on this album ‘Soon Child’ and ‘Back to the Well for Water’, which may well improve and mature with many listens. I hope you enjoy the album”

John is a native of Cork which has been a huge influence of this contemporary folk singer/ songwriter. John’s debut album ‘The Wells of the World’ was released in 1997 and had backing from DONAL LUNNEY, BRENDAN RING and DECLAN SYNOTT, to name but a few and was described by CHRISTY MOORE ‘as an undiscovered gem of the 90’s’.

CHRISTY recently covered one of John’s songs ‘Johnny Don’t Go’ on his current album ‘This is The Day’. John’s songwriting pedigree also inspired Brian Kennedy and Sinead Lohan to cover his songs.

John is also well known for fronting the hugely successful band, Nomos, who were a favourite on the folk live circuit in Europe and the USA, where they spent most of the 90’s touring.

Track Listing:

1.  The Dance Of The Cherry Trees 03:32  
2.  Will We Be Brilliant Or What? 04:10  
3.  Prince’s Street 03:36  
4.  We’re Going Sailing 03:01  
5.  Magic Nights In The Lobby Bar 04:12  
6.  Soon Child 03:56  
7.  I’m Going To Set You Free 02:40  
8.  Meet Me On The Midnight Shore 02:43  
9.  All The Ways You Wander 04:00  
10.  Seany Boo & The Big Blue Empty 03:32  
11.  Let The River Flow 04:05  
12.  Woman My Own 04:04  
13.  Back To The Well For Water 03:16  
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