We entered the dreamtime when we set foot on Wacker Murphy's yacht and sailed from the pontoon in Passage West up the magnificent tree-drenched harbour of the river Lee to see Christy Moore in the Marquee on the last day of June. Wacker raised the sail as we rounded Blackrock Castle and as we sailed into Cork there were 500 swimmers in the water for the Lee Swim. I won't say we didn't have a feed of Beamish in the Sextant before strolling down the Marina with the great gathering.

Christy came on stage like a prizefighter, like a great bull he faced the 5,000 and sang stronger and deeper and more powerfully than he had ever sang before. Every wordnote was joyfully hammered home and the tent shook with the 5,000 voices, praising, celebrating, lamenting, remembering. When he sang a song I wrote for Wacker and Frick and Walty Murphy's grandfather called 'The Ballad of Patrick Murphy' I just filled with honour and amazement. How a song I wrote ended up in there between 'The Cliffs of Dooneen' and 'Black is the Colour' will always be a source of pride and amazement. Thanks Christy and Andy Moore, Walty, Wacker and Frick Murphy!

Published on 3rd July 2018

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