A BRAND NEW ALBUM and a BIG GIG IN DUBLIN, in Lost Lane, on Thursday August 8th!

Well friends I'm delighted to announce that I'm recording a new album called 100 Snow White Horses, in London, with my friends John Reynolds and Pauline Scanlon and that it will be a brilliantly executed album of magic, mythic, melodic, poetic songs recorded in a snowy soundscape of wonder and in the beauty of delight and that I will be showcasing these new songs at a big gig in Dublin town, Ireland on Thursday August 8th in the lovely new venue called Lost Lane in the heart of Dublin at the corner of Grafton Street and Nassau Street. 

I am stoking up the fires inside in the hit factory for this next big blaze of glory. 

Here below are some of the song titles, hope you can come along on August 8th and hear the songs themselves, thanks friends, John.

The Dawn Chorus

100 Snow White Horses


The Streets of Ballyphehane

We Come In The Wind

Molly Bawn O' Leary

Here below is a fascinating short film by Myles O' Reilly of Arbutus Yarns based on one of these songs The Streets of Ballyphehane. Myles has the touch.


It has been a huge ambition of mine to catch up with the legendary songwriter John Spillane to film a song of his for Arbutus Yarns. We met in a graveyard in Ballyphehane, Cork. The area has a tall story to tell and I think John successfully gets that story across in his words, and hopefully I have magnified his intent with my images. He pointed out to me during filming, that his father and grandparents were buried in the graveyard, so poignantly he also performed the song to them before we left. All in all, it was a gorgeous meeting, albeit surrounded and immersed in death, the spirit of commemoration was large in our hearts and hopefully comes across in this film.

This has been a Patreon sponsored video. Thank you so much Patrons for making this video possible! If you would like to sponsor my music films and receive rewards, please follow the link https://www.patreon.com/mylesoreilly for more info. 

Many thanks!


Published on 24th July 2019

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